Cursaichean fileantachd air luathas

Two new courses have been developed in the last few years based on highly successful learning methods used in other countries, and these are available in Edinburgh.

These methods bypass most of the writing and grammatical rule learning that can often get in the way of fluency. Although the main aim is to get you communicating in Gaelic, the courses also stress the use of correct and natural Gaelic.

It is quite possible to be talking confidently after a few weeks of intensive study, or in less than a year of once-a-week classes. The full course in each case is designed to be taught in a few hundred hours.


The method behind ┘lpan has long been used to teach Welsh. In Wales (where the course is called Wlpan) many people need to acquire fluency in Welsh very rapidly for their jobs.

An ┘lpan class in progressKey to Successful Learning

The course gets students speaking for a high proportion of each class from the outset. It uses a carefully graded system of short phrases with simple repetition and gradual absorption to teach the language, rather than using mentally taxing grammatical exercises. The learning is reinforced with varied communication-driven exercises, dialogues and frequent review.

Current Course Availability

There are currently weekly daytime and evening courses running at various levels in Edinburgh. There may be places available on these both for beginners and for those who already have learnt some Gaelic. Up-to-date information is maintained by Clý GÓidhlig, which can be accessed through their Course details page. Some of the courses currently running in Edinburgh:

In addition, intensive courses often run during the holidays. These can be a great way to achieve substantial progress in a short burst. Send us an e-mail at if you would like to receive news of these.

More information about ┘lpan can be found on the Clý websire. Clý, the national Gaelic learnersĺ association, will take over organisation and administration of the courses in due course.

Note that ┘lpan courses may in some cases be eligible for ILA funding, which could help make a course affordable. Get in touch for more info.

Contact us through to receive alerts whenever new courses are scheduled.

GÓidhlig san Dachaigh

GÓidhlig 'san Dachaigh teaches using a method without any reading or writing at all, and involves going through the actions and interactions involved in common everyday tasks.

Repetition builds fluency and confidence, and this is reinforced by physically doing the tasks while using the language.

It is a method that has been used successfully in Hawaii and New Zeland.

Courses are currently running in Edinburgh. Contact to find to alerted about any future course that may be scheduled.