Cairt-i¨il gu Feabhas Foghlaim

Cr˛ileagan (playgroup)

from birth till entry at nursery or school

Playgroups currently meet in Tollcross and Corstorphine. Gaelic-speaking play-leaders organise a variety of simple Gaelic activities. A relaxed and encouraging environment makes this suitable for all, including those with no previous Gaelic. Come along, meet other parents with their young children, and discover some of the benefits of introducing Gaelic to your child.

Tollcross Gaelic Nursery

from age 3

This is a normal, free, Council-run nursery offering five 2Ż-hour morning or afternoon sessions per week. All activities are conducted through Gaelic only. Children settle in very quickly. Entry at nursery offers an early chance to experience the benefits of Gaelic-medium education.

There is an option of all-day wraparound that may suit working parents care (for a fee, not necessarily through Gaelic).

Tollcross Primary School.

Within the Gaelic stream at Tollcross Primary, all subject areas are taught through Gaelic up to P7. English reading and writing are introduced from P3. As with English-medium schools, additional languages are taught in the upper years of primary.

The norm is to start Gaelic-medium education at nursery or P1. However children are accepted into Gaelic-medium education up to P2.

James Gillespieĺs High School

Gillespieĺs provides continuity into secondary. Gaelic language and literature and history are taught through Gaelic. A growing number of Gaelic-medium subjects and extra-curricular activities are becoming available.

Further education, Career opportunities

Children who have gone through Gaelic medium education can expect to have the choices for further education and a career that generally follow from a top-quality education.

Furthermore, Gaelic opens up additional opportunities, and more so than bilingualism in other languages, especially true in media, education, the arts and tourism.